The Cure For Cancer Terry Cooksey


Published: September 17th 2012

Kindle Edition

85 pages


The Cure For Cancer  by  Terry Cooksey

The Cure For Cancer by Terry Cooksey
September 17th 2012 | Kindle Edition | PDF, EPUB, FB2, DjVu, audiobook, mp3, ZIP | 85 pages | ISBN: | 6.40 Mb

The Cure For Cancer is proven science.There are no gimmicks, nothing to harm you and nothing expensive you must buy to cure yourself of cancer.Cancer is caused by poisons damaging DNA in the nucleus of the cell and preventing those cells from natural program death called apoptosis.All cancers are caused by poisons, toxins, drugs, chemicals. 100% of all cancers.This book is about recognizing those poisons and how to avoid them- as well as teaching you safe alternatives to the poison foods and drinks that are the core of what is called “the American diet”.You can cure yourself of cancer and any other disease WHILE you still listen to your doctors, except the parts about death, dying and no cures.And for those who are not cured, the worst you will do is significantly improve your health and add precious time to your lives.

And to be quite honest, you will actually save money as you stop the excessive eating out and learning to get your food addictions under control.And yes, I said get your food addictions under control. Your mind is where those addictions are. Those foods and drinks give you sensations. But it was the sting of death and disease- as you now know.This book empowers YOU with the knowledge you need to cure yourself.

Much of this knowledge has been around for centuries. Doctors turned their backs on this healing medical science in the past 75-100 years. The rest of the knowledge has to do with guiding you out of your current diet of poison saturated foods and drinks- a big part of what you call food, is only pure poison.Doctors know most of this medical science but wont tell you.Get science working for you, significantly improving your health, on your way to what very likely will cure you.The author of The Cure for Cancer has Published other books such as:How to Avoid Dialysis and Cure Kidney Disease andSelf-Care HealthCare GuideThe Author is an expert in cures, natural healing, herbs, vitamins and Organic Gardening.Table of Contents1 - Laying the Foundation for Your Cure2 - Lets Get You Started on Getting Rid of Your CancerThe Perfect Diet3 -Poisons in Your Water4 -Poisons in Your Drinks5 -Poisons in Your Food6 -What Else You Can Do To Speed Your HealingThe Best Things to Eat to Help Cure Cancer7 -My Final Words8 -DISCLAIMER

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